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Meta Pixel Tax Info Litigation

December 2022

What is the Meta Pixel Tax Info Litigation?

In November 2022, it emerged that Meta (Facebook's parent company) had unlawfully received tens of millions of Americans' most sensitive financial information via a tracking tool called the Meta Pixel, which was embedded in the code of some of the world's most popular online tax-filing platforms. Just a week later, The Hoda Law Firm filed the first class action against Meta arising from this conduct. That case was Doe v. Meta, Case No. 22-cv-07557 (N.D. Cal.). 

Two additional class actions featuring similar claims were filed subsequently. These two cases were then consolidated into the Doe case, resulting in a consolidated class action styled In re Meta Pixel Tax Filing Cases, Case No. 22-cv-07557 (N.D. Cal.). This action is pending before Judge Susan Ilston in the Northern District of California. Marshal Hoda is a member of the Steering Committee responsible for directing this litigation.

What are the claims in the case?

The Meta Pixel Tax Filing Cases allege that at least three third-party online tax-preparation services installed the Meta Pixel on their sites, which then sent their users' most sensitive financial and tax-return information to Meta – including at least the users' names, email addresses, adjusted gross incomes, the names of their dependents, their health-savings account usage, and their dependents' college scholarship amounts. 

The lawsuit alleges that this information gathering constituted a breach of Meta's contracts with Facebook users and violated federal and state invasion-of-privacy and consumer-protection laws. 

Is this a class action? What does that mean?

Yes, the case is a consolidated class action. That means the individual plaintiffs will be asking the Judge to allow them to represent the entire group of people who, like themselves, had their information unlawfully intercepted. 

The case has not yet reached the "class certification" stage, so it remains to be seen whether the Judge will allow the case to proceed as a class action.

How long has the case been pending?

The Hoda Law Firm filed the Doe case on behalf of our client and the putative class on December 1, 2022. Two additional cases involving Meta's collection of tax information were filed subsequently. Those cases have been consolidated as In re Meta Pixel Tax Filing Cases and are proceeding before Judge Susan Illston. 

On March 31, 2023, Judge Illston appointed The Hoda Law Firm to the Executive Committee that will manage and prosecute the Meta Pixel Tax Filing Cases. Meta's response to the plaintiffs' allegations will come due soon, at which point Meta will either answer the Complaint or file a Motion to Dismiss.

What should I do if I believe my sensitive tax information was also collected by the Pixel?

If you used the online tax preparation services H&R Block, TaxAct, or TaxSlayer to file your taxes any time in the past four years, we want to hear from you. It is important that everyone have their voices heard. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (832) 848-0036. We are here to listen and give you guidance.

Practice area(s): Civil Litigation, Class Action, Contracts / Agreements

Court: Northern District of California.

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