Internet & Social Media Litigation

The Internet is a Wild Place!

Lots can happen out there on the Web. Defamation, doxxing, cancellation, app addiction, privacy violations, revenge porn, fraud – they're all around us online, all the time. If you've experienced any of these issues, The Hoda Law Firm is ready to advise you about your rights and options. 


So you've been defamed online. You're not powerless! 

If you've been the target of false online posts, fake and malicious shaming reports, social media defamation, or simply want to get negative information about you taken down from the internet, The Hoda Law Firm is ready to advise you about your options. 

Depending on the situation, The Hoda Law Firm may be able to help you: 

  • File an internet defamation lawsuit to hold the perpetrators liable for their actions;

  • Remove defamatory and damaging internet content;

  • Identify anonymous perpetrators; and

  • Put an end to online attacks against you for good. 

We understand how stressful these attacks can be. For years it has been widely believed that individuals have few (if any) options when victimized online.

This is no longer true. The Hoda Law Firm is here to help. 

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Doxxing refers to the gathering and public distribution of an individual's personal information online. This could be anything from personal photographs, to telephone numbers, to home addresses, or even your most sensitive information such as your social security number and birthday. 

Doxxing is a growing problem. Individuals subject to doxxing attacks routinely severe personal, financial, and emotional harm. 

The Hoda Law Firm has a track record of success in the management of doxxing matters. We leverage our tech-savvy and effective partners and in-house expertise to take every step possible to help you do damage control and prevent further attack. 

App Addiction & Injuries

There's no denying that the social media apps used by many Americans, especially young ones, have caused widespread addiction and harm.

Although it was once thought impossible to hold the app makers accountable, this is no longer true. A number of recent lawsuits alleging app addiction and injury resulting from app use (for instance, deaths resulting from the "blackout challenge" on TikTok) have seen some success. Those who would intentionally addict and facilitate harm to our children can and should be held to account. 

If you or a loved one has experienced app addiction or app-related injury, The Hoda Law Firm is ready to advise you about the best path forward. 

Privacy Violations

We all know that if you're not paying for a service online, you're the product. Our information is being tracked, packaged, and sold constantly. That's not always a problem – sometimes data sharing is part of our agreed-upon relationship with the sites and apps we use. But the temptation for sites and apps to make more money by collecting and selling more data than they're allowed is so great that they often cross the line from permissible to illegal. 

The Hoda Law Firm is currently investigating claims related to the tax preparation services TaxAct and TaxSlayer's sharing of sensitive user data with Facebook (i.e, Meta) by embedding the Meta Pixel in their websites/programs. You can read more about this investigation on our dedicated matter page here.

Revenge Porn

Let's face it: these days, consenting adults sometimes use our now-ubiquitous cameras to capture – shall we say – compromising content. Revenge porn is what we call it when an individual shares this kind of explicit content with a third party without the featured individual's consent. 

If you have been the victim of revenge-porn posting, you are not powerless. The posting of revenge porn is now expressly against the law in many states, and even where it isn't there are usually causes of action available to victims. 

You shouldn't try to fight revenge porn alone. If you or someone you love is the victim of this crime, or has been wrongly accused of this crime, contact The Hoda Law Firm today. 

We Know Internet Law

The above categories are just a few of the areas in which The Hoda Law Firm stands ready to advise clients. We take on clients who need help in all sorts of Internet Law matters.

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